Royal Red Maple


Deep purple leaf all season long
40 Ft tall with a 35 Ft Spread
Plant in Full sun
Good shade tree


Royal Red Maple – Acer platanoides

The Royal Red Norway Maple, which is a cultivar of the Norway maple. The Royal Red is known for its attractive, burgundy-colored leaves, which provide a striking contrast against the green foliage of other trees. Like other Norway maples, it is a durable and adaptable tree that can tolerate a range of soil conditions and withstand cold temperatures. It does tend to grow best in well-draining soil, however. As you mentioned, it’s important to properly prune and train this tree during its juvenile growth to ensure that it develops a strong, healthy structure as it matures. Proper pruning can help to prevent issues such as poor crotch angles and heavy, low branches that may be prone to breaking in storms. Overall, the Royal Red Norway Maple is a beautiful and hardy tree that can make a great addition to any landscape.

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40 Feet


Upland Species


Full Sun