Skyline Honey Locust


Green leaf turns yellow in fall
50-70 Ft. tall with a spread of 30-60 Ft.
Plant in full sun to partial sun
Good shade tree filtered sun
Performs well in wet or dry locations

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Skyline Honey Locust – Gleditsia triancanthos

The Skyline Honey Locust is a great tree for wet or dry locations, and it is well-suited to riparian areas where the soil is often moist. One of the things that makes the honey locust particularly special is the filtered shade it provides, which allows sunlight to reach the ground and supports the growth of grass and other plants beneath it. This contrasts with some other trees, such as the Norway maple, which have very dense canopies that can block out a lot of sunlight and prevent other plants from growing beneath them. The honey locust is a fast-growing tree that can reach heights of up to 80 feet and widths of around 40 feet. It has attractive, compound leaves that provide a light, airy canopy and add visual interest to the landscape. Overall, it is a versatile and attractive tree that is well worth considering for any landscape.

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70 Feet


Riparian Species


Full Sun