Tree Root Pruning Services


Root Collar Excavation, Root Zone Aeration & Decompaction

Soil remediation is essential for your tree’s health. Fine roots absorb water and nutrients, store the tree’s energy reserves, provide structural support, and facilitate gas exchange. However, trees often face challenges such as deep planting, excessive mulch, or soil compaction from construction and traffic.

In these scenarios, the tree’s health declines due to poor water infiltration, reduced nutrient flow, and limited gas exchange. This can lead to girdling roots, higher susceptibility to pests and diseases, and potentially tree death. Our expert root and soil remediation services, including root collar excavation and root zone aeration, address these issues effectively.

Why Are Tree Roots So Important?

Tree roots are vital for a tree’s survival, supporting growth, health, and stability. Here’s why root and soil remediation, including root collar excavation and root pruning, is essential:

Roots anchor trees, providing stability. Deeper and wider roots enhance the tree’s resistance to wind, rain, and other forces.

Roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil. This ability is crucial for the tree’s growth rate, health, and vigor.

Roots transport water and nutrients to the tree. Essential for photosynthesis and growth, nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are critical.

Roots bind soil particles, preventing erosion. This maintains soil structure and prevents loss due to wind or water erosion.

Roots support beneficial fungi, bacteria, and microorganisms. These organisms recycle nutrients and support plant growth.

A tree in Madison, WI undergoing root zone aeration treatment.

The Solution: Root & Soil Remediation

Our root collar excavation and root zone aeration techniques employ an air knife to loosen soil, eliminate compaction, and incorporate essential organic materials and nutrients back into the soil. This treatment of soil enhances tree root treatment, promoting healthier, more robust tree growth!

Compressed Air for Soil Treatment

Our Air Knife or Air Spade uses compressed air to loosen compacted soil, exposing tree roots with minimal damage. This technique allows for effective tree root pruning and incorporation of nutrient-rich, organic compost mixed with BIO-CHAR into the soil.

Eco Tree Company’s certified arborists identify and treat roots that need removal or training, incorporating necessary nutrients and compost back into the soil. This approach ensures optimal moisture levels and overall soil health, safeguarding your tree’s vitality.

Man using an air spade for soil decompaction and root zone aeration in a garden, smiling while working in front of a house surrounded by lush greenery.

Arborist using an air spade for soil decompaction and root zone aeration between two large trees, with soil and grass patches being worked on in a yard.

Healthier Trees, Lasting Benefits

Experience the benefits of increased fine root growth, restored vigor, and enhanced canopy growth. Our comprehensive soil remediation and tree root treatment services help you avoid costly future issues, preserving both ancient trees and future generations of “soon-to-be” ancient trees.

Have A Question About Your Trees?

Our certified arborists can visit your home to assess your trees. Whether they need removal, maintenance, or treatment, we provide expert solutions tailored to your specific needs. Schedule a consultation today to ensure the health and longevity of your trees.