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Tree Disease Diagnosis

We help Madison property owners manage trees with care and precision. We understand the value of trees to any property and will help you maximize tree health and longevity.

Natural Nutrition Supplements

We have a prescription blend of full-spectrum natural and organic nutrients, biostimulants and carbon to builds soil and feeds beneficial microorganisms.

Tree Removal, Pruning, and Cabling

A tree must be removed for a variety of reasons. We remove trees in a safe manner that preserves the structures and landscape on their property and creates positive changes.

Carbon Neutral Tree Services

Not only are we helping Madison homeowners add beauty and value to their properties, we are also actively working to help plant trees.

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In the greater Madison Urban Forest

We Offer Tree Health Solutions For Your Property

ECO Tree Company offers a complete array of arboricultural services for City of Madison and the surrounding communities of Middleton, Sun Prairie, Monona, Waunakee, Verona, Fitchburg and more. Our Madison tree experts are available for on-site consulting to diagnose your trees and shrub problems and discuss treatment options. Few Madison tree care companies have the passion, experience and network that we do. Please contact us to discover how we can help your property look and be its best!

Tree Service

Who is handling your trees? At Eco Tree Company, we aim to stand above the competition by providing superior services, cost-effective pricing, and eco-friendly solutions for every need you have. As a full tree service company, we handle most needs for trees and shrubs of most sizes. Our team can help you grow and shape your trees and ensure their health for years to come.

When it comes to taking care of your trees, allow our licensed arborist to be your go-to solution. We offer tree trimming and pruning services to help ensure your trees are properly shaped and growing healthy. We also offer tree care services for handling tree diseases and pests. If you are unsure what to do to encourage the health and growth of your trees, let our team help you.

We’re excited to meet your trees.

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Maintenance & Removal

Our tree maintenance is designed to make it easy for you to keep your trees healthy throughout the year. Ask us about routine service appointments.

Although we would rather save trees, we understand that sometimes it is not an option, so we can also help you with tree removal for trees that are damaged or otherwise need to be removed in a safe manner. Allow our skilled and professional team to handle this in order to remain safe.

Carbon Neutral

Our services help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

One example of how we do this is by utilizing a carbon credits system that empowers indigenous peoples in the Amazon to reclaim and replant their forests while actively offsetting the carbon emitted during the production and installation of your new concrete masterpiece.

This helps our clients feel great about the end product and comfortable about their contribution to a greener world.

We partner with Save The Rainforest, a global environmental education nonprofit, to offset our carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

Pounds Of Carbon We've Off Set This Year

Happy Trees = Happy Clients

Have a question about your trees?

We can have one of our certified arborists come out to your home and assess your trees. Whether it is in need of removal, maintenance, or you think it has a disease, we have you covered! Schedule a consultation below!