Purple Prince Crabapple


Red purple flowers in the spring
Green leaves
25 Ft. tall 25 Ft. Wide
Can Plant in tight areas
Great disease resistance
Ornamental tree


Red Jewell Crabapple (Malus Speciousa). Crabapple trees are small to medium-sized deciduous trees that are known for their attractive flowers, colorful fruit, and attractive foliage. The Red Jewell Crabapple is a cultivar of Crabapple that is known for its bright red fruit and its attractive white flowers that bloom in May. It is a compact tree that is well-suited for smaller gardens or spaces, as it only grows to be about 20 feet tall and wide at maturity. Crabapple trees are generally easy to care for and are resistant to many common diseases that can plague other tree species. In addition to their attractive flowers and fruit, Red Jewell Crabapples are also prized for their beautiful red and orange fall foliage.

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25 Feet


Ornamental Species


Any Area