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Safe & Sustainable Tree Removal

Eco Tree Company prioritizes urban forests and sustainability. When trees pose risks due to disease or damage, quick and effective removal is crucial to protect your healthy trees and buildings. Our team is skilled in removing trees carefully to minimize impact on your yard.

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How Can Our Team Help?

With our professional tree removal services, you can rest assured your property is protected. Our goal is to maximize tree health and longevity, but we realize that some trees are beyond saving. If you suspect a tree needs to be removed, we’ll come to take a look and offer our advice so you will be confident in your decision.

At Eco Tree Company, we offer a holistic approach to tree care. No matter how big or small your tree is, our team can quickly remove it and dispose of any debris, which means you don’t have to worry that we’ll leave behind a mess. From the initial consultation to the final removal, we treat your property with the utmost respect.

What Signs Should You Watch For?

Trees offer cleaner air and shade from the hot sun, but they can also present risks if they have diseases or damage. If an unstable tree is too close to your home, it could potentially cause structural damage if it falls. Be proactive about protecting your home by watching for signs of unhealthy trees.

If you notice wilted leaves or dead limbs on your tree, reach out to our team of experts. We’ll do our best to diagnose and treat diseases if possible, but we can also remove the tree when necessary.

Keep your property in optimal shape with safe and efficient tree removal services from Eco Tree Company. Call us in Madison, WI, at (608) 886-0626 to learn more.

Have a question about your trees in Sun Prairie?

We can have one of our certified arborists come out to your home and assess your trees. Whether it is in need of removal, maintenance, or you think it has a disease, we have you covered! Schedule a consultation below!