I grew up roaming the woods of Northern Maine where I was able to immerse myself in the forest. From there, I attended the Urban Forestry program at Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids. I’ve been in the Madison area Arboriculture scene for over 10 years now.

I started ECO with one primary goal, and that’s to save as many trees as possible in the urban forest. I couldn’t be more proud and honored to have such a passionate and competent group of Arborists working with me to help achieve that goal.

Currently, my wife, daughter and I live in Dodgeville on an organic farm with six cows that were once classified as beef cattle but are now strictly pets. They’ll die of old age! As a family, Jenna and I enjoy exploring the outdoors with Violette, boating, and morel hunting in the spring.



I am a Madison native, born and raised on the east side. I eventually discovered that trees and plants are my life’s passion while studying at UW-Madison, where I earned a degree in Forest Ecology & Management.In 2007, I started my career in arboriculture and in 2008 I attained the ISA Certified Arborist credential.

I’ve gained many years of experience since then. I treated old growth eastern hemlocks for invasive insect pests in Great Smoky Mountains National Park; restored short grass prairie plant communities on the Front Range near Denver, CO; removed hazard trees in both Grand Canyon National Park, AZ & Sequoia National Park, CA; and traveled with a National Park Service traveling exotic plant management team. For three years, I lived in Boston, MA and climbed trees for Davey Tree Expert Co.

I love being outside for work every day, working with trees and marveling at their strength and beauty. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, camping, exploring local history and architecture, and photography. I joined ECO Tree Company in July of 2020 and feel that I’ve finally found the place that shares my passion and vision for the care of trees in our landscape.



For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed spending time outdoors amongst forests. This interest led me to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I studied Urban Forestry and graduated in 2009. The knowledge and education I received there was invaluable. Upon graduation I became a Certified Arborist with the Wisconsin Arborist Association and International Arborist Association. I strive to continue my education and stay up to date on the current tree science.

I first began working with Adhem in 2010 and I think his knowledge and passion are second to none. With our expertise, education, and passion we strive to not only provide a service but truly care for your urban environment.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, grilling, and kayaking with my Fiancé and our dog, Dodo.

A headshot of Dillon Tutton, a tree care professional in Madison, WI.


Ever since I was young, I have loved roaming the woods, climbing trees and being able to immerse myself in nature. I grew up in central Wisconsin where I went to high school and spent my childhood. I then moved to Appleton for a year to study landscaping and horticulture. After spending that year in school my passion for trees and tree health care grew immensely. This is about the time I decided I should follow my passion for trees.

I am currently working towards becoming a certified arborist and Eco Tree Company has been a big part in this. I started with the company towards the end of 2021. Just in this short time I have been able to learn so much and work with a lot of great people. In my free time I love to spend time hiking, fishing and hunting.

A headshot of Michelle Gerber, a tree care professional in Madison, WI.


Born and raised in the Madison area, I am the oldest of 15. I spent the better part of 10 years as an amateur ballroom dancer, participating in competitions across the country. I went to school for Culinary Arts, specializing in Patisserie, and I enjoy baking and decorating sweet treats to this day. I enjoy traveling to warm places as often as possible and I love going to concerts. I have a strong affection for all things caffeine. When I am not working or traveling, you will likely find me at a local park, curled up with a good book and a London Fog or a lovely cup of Ethiopia Yrgacheffe.

When you email or call ECO Tree Company, chances are you’ll be talking with me to schedule your consultations and services. I look forward to chatting with you!



Working outside has always been my passion, and I can’t imagine sitting at a desk all day. Joining Eco Tree Company has allowed me to pursue my love for tree health care. I find great satisfaction in preserving trees through cabling and bolting, and enhancing their structure rather than removing them.

I enjoy educating customers about tree health and am always eager to answer their questions. My favorite tree is the American Beech for its unique bark and winter beauty.

In my free time, I love climbing, trout fishing, and cross-country skiing. For me, it’s all about enjoying the outdoors and having a great time.



My journey into tree health care began with a desire to ensure that every pruning cut I make benefits the tree rather than harms it. I approach each decision with the tree’s long-term health in mind. Watching the growth of young trees I’ve pruned near my home has been particularly rewarding, reinforcing the impact of thoughtful care.

At Eco Tree Company, I enjoy engaging with customers who are eager to learn about their trees. I love sharing my knowledge or finding answers, creating a learning experience for both of us.

If I could choose any tree for my backyard, it would be a single-stem river birch that I could nurture for decades. Outside of work, I enjoy golf and poker. And if I had to recommend a movie to anyone, it would be The Godfather—a timeless classic.

I’m also passionate about cheering on the Eagles. Go birds!



My interest in tree health care started with a fascination for regenerative agriculture, particularly silvopasture and the role of trees. Given the choice between working in the sky or the ground, I chose the sky, and it’s been rewarding ever since. I find great satisfaction in improving the health of trees, especially when removing deadwood from honeylocusts, making them look cleaner and stronger.

When educating customers, I aim to provide more information than necessary to give a solid foundation for my recommendations. If I could have any tree in my backyard, it would be a white pine; their presence in Wisconsin forests is truly commanding.

In my free time, I enjoy hurling, kayaking, and cooking meats and veggies. If I had to recommend a movie, anything with Jennifer Coolidge is a safe bet—she’s simply fantastic. I’m also passionate about enjoying a warm room with a frosty window, embracing the cozy comforts of life.

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