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What Is Spongy Moth?

The spongy moth, formerly known as the gypsy moth, is an invasive insect that is native to Europe. It was accidentally introduced to North America in 1869 and has since spread to over 35 states. The spongy moth is a pest of many different types of trees, including oak, maple, apple, and pine. The caterpillars of this moth feed on the leaves of trees, and when populations are high, they can defoliate entire forests, causing significant ecological and economic damage. Efforts to control populations of the European gypsy moth include the use of pheromone traps, insecticides, and natural predators such as birds and parasitic wasps.

How To Prevent & Treat

There are a number of things that can be done to control the spongy moth, including:

  • Mechanical control: This involves removing the egg masses from trees.
  • Biological control: This involves using natural predators, such as parasitic wasps, to control the population of spongy moth caterpillars.
  • Chemical control: This involves using insecticides to kill the caterpillars.

It is important to note that chemical control should be performed by a certified arborist. Schedule a free consultation with the certified arborists at Eco Tree Company.

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