Eco Tree Company


Helping Property Owners Care For Valuable Trees

ECO offers a suite of tree care services that help Madison, Middleton & Sun Prairie property owners manage their trees with care and precision. We understand the value of trees to any property and will help you maximize tree health and longevity.

Tree service

Tree Care Services

  • Disease diagnosis and treatment
    Help trees overcome naturally occurring pests and bacteria that may otherwise harm or kill the tree.
  • Nutritional supplements
    You’ve weathered the storm but your trees may not have fared as well. We will take care of that obvious problem you’ve spotted and work to make sure there are no other hidden dangers.
  • Tree Pruning
    Proactively helps young trees avoid problems with structural weakness and disease. As trees age, pruning helps them remain strong, resilient and hazard-free.
  • Tree Removal
    Involves safely cutting down a tree to remove it from the property for one of many reasons.

Is Your Tree Healthy?

Many people consider removing a tree when they think it might be sick. If you’re wondering whether your tree is in trouble, look for these indicators of health problems:

  • Spots on leaves
  • Premature leaf drop
  • Wounds on trunk
  • Sticky residue falling from leaves
  • Thin or dead spots in canopy

Have a question about your trees in Madison?

We can have one of our certified arborists come out to your home and assess your trees. Whether it is in need of removal, maintenance, or you think it has a disease, we have you covered! Schedule a consultation below!