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What Is Sycamore Anthracnose?

Sycamore anthracnose is a fungal disease that affects sycamore trees in the spring, especially during wet and cool weather. The disease is caused by the fungus Apiognomonia veneta and is believed to be native to the United States. The fungus spreads from infected to healthy trees as spores carried by the wind or rain.

Symptoms of sycamore anthracnose include:

  • Brown blotches on leaves: The leaves may develop brown blotches
  • Twig and shoot dieback: The twigs and shoots may die back
  • Overall tree decline: The tree may decline overall
  • Leaf drop: The tree may shed leaves during the early summer
  • Cankers: The buds and twigs may develop cankers

Sycamore anthracnose is seldom fatal, but it can disfigure and weaken the tree, making it a target for other diseases or pests. Repeat infections can result in abnormal branching.

How To Prevent & Treat

If you think your sycamore tree may have sycamore anthracnose, the best course of action is to contact a professional tree care company like ECO Tree Company. We can diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of treatment. Schedule a free consultation with the certified arborists at Eco Tree Company.

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