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MN Strain Eastern Redbud


Flowers appear rose-pink to magenta then to heart shaped leaves

25 Ft. tall with 30 Ft. spread

Plant in Full sun to partial shade

Good accent tree

Skyline Honey Locust


Green leaf turns yellow in fall
50-70 Ft. tall with a spread of 30-60 Ft.
Plant in full sun to partial sun
Good shade tree filtered sun
Performs well in wet or dry locations

Sunburst Honey Locust


Yellow to green leaves in spring

Friendly to pollinators

35-45 Ft. tall with 30-40 Ft. spread

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Triumph Elm


Green leaf turning yellow in the fall
60 Ft. tall with a 40 Ft. spread (Vase shaped)
Needs to be planted in full sun
Great shade tree
Averaging four to five feet of growth per year
Does well in wet or dry conditions