Whether planting trees or air spading, we incorporate biochar into the soil whenever we can. What exactly is biochar, though?

Biochar is the result of heating biomass, such as forestry or agricultural waste, through a process called Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the heating of an organic material in the absence of oxygen. Due to the lack of oxygen, the material doesn’t start on fire. Rather, it breaks down into a nutrient-rich substance called biochar, a stable form of carbon that can be added to your soil. 

Biochar causes a beautiful chain reaction. It naturally aerates the soil, creating pore space for fine roots to grow into. This aeration allows for better drainage, increasing available water for the roots. Because nutrients are dissolved in water, it increases nutrient uptake as well. Adding biochar optimizes the pH of your soil as well. 

The best part? Biochar is a completely sustainable, natural and safe additive. Not only does it amend your soil quickly, the active ingredients remain in your soil for years to come. We think that’s truly magical, and your trees will too!

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