Whether or not to remove a tree from your property is a big decision. There are many reasons to cut down trees, but it will alter your landscape in an irreversible way. This may be exactly what you want, but you should take some time to consider the pros and cons of tree removal before you start the process.

The decision to cut down a tree may be influenced by a variety of factors, including aesthetics, safety and pure convenience. Here are a few elements to consider before contacting a tree service for removal.

Reasons to Cut Down Trees: Pros

There are many instances when removing a tree from your property can be beneficial. Below are some reasons why you might choose to move forward with cutting down trees.


Dead and dying trees are a part of the life cycle of the natural world. Unfortunately, a dead tree in a city or town poses a lot of risks. As trees weaken they become more susceptible to snow, rain, wind and ice storms, which could cause the tree to lose limbs or fall over. These trees pose a hazard to surrounding buildings, cars and people if they fall. These trees should be removed as soon as possible.

Protecting Infrastructure

Sometimes, a tree’s root or canopy growth may disrupt areas of a property, such wreaking concrete pathways or causing eaves to rot. When it’s a matter of protecting your property, removing a tree may be the best solution.

More Space

Large trees can take up a lot of room on a small property. If you have an upcoming construction project, or just wish for more flexibility for projects on your property, removing a tree could offer you the space you need.

More Sunlight

If you live on a heavily forested property with large trees there might not be much sunlight reaching your house. This could be a good thing in the summer because the trees will cut down on your cooling costs, but a lack of sunlight in your house could also be undesirable depending on your personal tastes and in what kind of climate you live.

leaves that host insects are one of the cons to cutting down a tree

Reasons to Cut Down Trees: Cons

Trees offer our cities, towns and properties many environmental benefits that should be carefully considered before removing them. There are just as many reasons to cut down trees and there are to keep them!

Higher Energy Bills

A large tree that shades the south and southwest of your house can significantly cut down on summer cooling costs by up to 25 percent. Computer models devised by the U.S. Department of Energy predict that the proper placement of only three trees can save an average household between $100 and $250 in energy costs annually.

If the tree you’re considering removing is on the south side of your house, think about what the summer months will be like for you once the sun is shining its full strength on your house all day long.

Decreased Privacy

Strategically placed trees can offer privacy from the road and from neighbors. When considering removing a tree, go out and walk around the tree. Visualize the area without the tree. Will you be losing screening that feels valuable to you?

Loss of Environmental Benefits

Trees have an important role in the overall ecosystem of not only our planet, but also of your property and the region where you live. Each tree hosts hundreds of different types of insects like caterpillars, ants and that provide food for birds and other animals. Mature trees also drop hundreds of thousands of leaves each year which house beneficial insects. And their root systems and canopies help rain infiltrate into the soil instead of running off into streets and flooding waterways.

In this article, writer David Tallamy shares all of the amazing ways that oaks support more life forms than any other tree in nature.

Loss of History

If the tree has been on the property for a long time, it may hold sentimental or even historical importance. If you’re not sure of the tree’s history, you may want to do some light research to ensure its extraction won’t result in significant loss.

Pros and cons to removing a tree on your property

Making the Final Decision

After you consider all of the reasons to cut down trees on your property, as well as the pros and cons, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Price: Do you have the resources to pay for removal or is there a more affordable option that solves your issue?
  • Tree health: Is the tree a lost cause or can you take steps to better its health?
  • Environment: Will the loss of the tree disrupt or harm its surroundings, or will the effect be neutral or even positive?

These questions should give you a good idea of whether removal is warranted. If you do decide you’d like to move forward with removing a tree, you should contact a tree care expert. She or he may have alternatives to complete removal of the tree that would save you money and preserve some of the positive aspects of having trees on your property.

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