Eco Tree Company has just donated $5,000 to Save the Rainforest to offset the carbon emissions associated with its concrete services.  The donation will be forwarded to the Yakum Foundation in Amazonian Ecuador and be used to fund its comprehensive reforestation project that incorporates the planting of over 150 native species of trees.  Not only will this project capture carbon, it will benefit the five indigenous communities that are involved with the tree plantings – many of the trees provide nutritious fruits and nuts; others will yield medicinal products and sustainably harvested building materials.

Rain Forest

“I am doing this,” states Adhem Theriault, owner of Eco Tree Company, “because it’s the right thing to do.  Concrete has a colossal carbon footprint – roughly 8% of global carbon emissions.  So, as someone who cares deeply about the environment, I feel I must offset the emissions from my company’s activities and operate as a zero carbon business.  I hope that my example motivates other concrete services to do the same and that people who are looking to have concrete work done will start asking if the company they are considering offsets its emissions.”

 Adhem’s statement about concrete is consistent with his company’s other goal; preserving urban forests. An arborist since 2006, he has dedicated himself to diagnosing and treating trees and shrubs to make them healthier and more beautiful than ever. “It’s challenging,” he says.  “We have to deal with everything from Oak wilt to the Emerald ash borer – and climate change only makes things more uncertain.”

Indeed it does.  With huge ice shelves cleaving off in Antarctica, rainforests being demolished and permafrost melting in the arctic time is running out on heading off a climate change apocalypse.  It’s an all-hands-on-deck scenario and no time for individuals or corporations to sit on the sidelines.  We have a brief window of opportunity to avert the abyss of climate change and every arrow in our quiver must be let loose.  That includes offsetting carbon footprints as well as reducing carbon footprints through renewable energy, weatherizing buildings and retooling our transportation industry.  Offsetting carbon footprints offers the lowest hanging fruit – people and businesses can get started on that by visiting

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